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Professional Web Design & Development for Small Businesses with Sweet Ideas and Lean Budgets

Simple, Slick, Sensible.

WordPress Development

We use the worlds most popular web design platform to build a site that’s easy to use for both you and your visitors.

Professional Web Design

Each website is built by an experienced designer in Denver, CO. Because people are still better than robots.

Digital Branding

We take your brand to the next level making sure it looks and feels consistent across all of your online profiles.

Launching sweet ideas with little budgets

We know it can seem like professional web design is too expensive and smells like snake oil. We have a lot of entrepreneurial friends feel that way, and that’s where we started too. We built our design company to support hard working people like them; people with tight budgets, people with better things to do than build their own website. People like you.

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Solo Flight

Take flight with the basics
  • Thoughtfully lean landing page
  • Professionally designed and mobile responsive
  • Custom Header Graphic
  • Content of your choice
  • Rock solid WordPress platform
  • Launch site backup
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Soaring in Style
  • Everything from Flying High plus:
  • Up to 10 pages of content as needed
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Branding Suite
  • Social Media Marketing Setup
  • Social Media Sharing Plugin
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Websites that Work

Our Pricing is low, but we don’t skimp on quality. All of our websites are designed and built by a real live web designer in Denver, CO. Here’s what else you can expect with every last one of the sites we build.

Thoughtful Design

Every piece of artwork and every line of copy is carefully crafted and placed to ensure your message will be understood across the web.

Mobile Responsive Design

We make sure your site looks good on any device so no matter where your are when your customers find you, you can rest easy knowing you look great.

User Friendly

Making updates to your site is a breeze. After we launch we’ll walk you through all of the edits you may want to make to your site.

Launch Day Site Backup

Just in case anything happens, we have a complete copy of the site as it was the day we let it go and watched it soar up to the heavens.

Real People

We think the best decisions are made with a real human brain. All of our sites are built by real live designers in the United States of America.

Basic Statistics

We’ll help get you set up to monitor who’s visiting your site and how they get there so you can make better online marketing decisions.

“Working with Phillip at Honeyballoon was an absolute delight! He was fast, precise, and artistic in his work. The attention to detail and creative input he provided certainly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend his services to anyone who desires the highest bar!”

Sean Leonard

Owner, Producer , Average Tree Music

Tell us about your sweet idea.

What kind of website are you looking for? We know that each idea is unique and often doesn’t fit into a nice neat little package. Our team has plenty of experience with all types of graphic and web design, including social media and digital marketing campaigns. We would love to jump into the creative flow with you and come up with unique solutions for your project. Tell us about your sweet idea, and our lead designer will get in touch to chat about it with you right away!